A crop to cup initiative

Elevating Local Coffee Farming

Alongside Coffai’s growth for the past two years, our passion for coffee grew even deeper recognizing the need for sustainability
and becoming aware of our amplifying responsibility to our partners and stakeholders – one of the corporation’s key partners is none other than the local coffee farmers.

Support and Empower
Mindanao farmers

We strive to elevate their current situation through a sustainable and proactive community and support system: helping them expand their horizons;
and let them see the bigger picture thus, compensate their hard work fairly and just.

Easy and simple

Coffee Subscription

Coffai is the very first coffee machine and coffee beans subscription in the Philippines, bringing fellow coffee lovers a simplistic yet flavorful experience of the many possibilities coffee can offer.

Every Coffai experience inspires delicate coffee moments and bold possibilities straight from the café, into your home or workplace.

Be your own Barista

Be your own barista and make coffee how you like it, when you want it.

Receive our bean to cup, fully automated coffee machine for your own coffee bar at home or workplace and a monthly batch of fresh, artfully roasted, premium coffee beans right at your doorstep.
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